Employers starting to lock out workers from their jobs to union bust

After a lull in the use of lock outs by employers during the first several months of the coronavirus pandemic, bosses are beginning to use lock outs to union bust during negotiations over recalling of workers to their jobs and coronavirus safety protections.

Stage hands for the Portland Trailblazers were have been locked out of their jobs since the NBA began the 2020-2021 season. The MET Opera in New York City has also locked out stage hands from their jobs in an attempt to enact permanent cuts to wages and benefits.

After dozens of produce workers in Los Angeles went on strike during the pandemic last year, their employer, Valley Produce, locked out the workers, hired replacement workers, and have tried to force locked out workers from signing declarations against the union before returning to work.

Earlier this month, Chicago Public Schools started locking out teachers from their work accounts, preventing them from accessing their students and remote teaching capabilities after ordering them to appear in person. Union members voted to continue teaching remotely, with Chicago Public Schools still intent on pushing through school reopenings despite ongoing coronavirus safety concerns.

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