Target Workers Release Survey, Criticize Company's Race to the Bottom For Working Conditions

Today, rank and file workers at retail giant, Target, released a survey of hundreds of workers across the United States detailing their working conditions.

As Target has reported record high stock prices due to high profits and sales, workers are facing low pay, being forced to skip breaks, rampant understaffing, and overwhelming workloads. Target workers are struggling to make ends meet, not receiving enough pay, or enough scheduled, dependable hours.

The survey notes,

“One of the biggest themes that readers will see in our results is the lack of hours, the lack of time to complete expected tasks (unrealistic expectations), the lack of staff, the lack of resources and training for workers, lack of safety, and general feelings of being unappreciated and disrespected by the corporation, management, and even the customer base – much of this can be attributed to Target’s recent “modernization plan,”