Union Busting at Starbucks

Last week, Gabriel Ocasio Mejias, was fired from Starbucks at Orlando International Airport hours after another union organizer/barista, Ilea Correa was fired.

“I was fired three hours after another union organizer was fired,” Mejias told the Guardian. “They took me to the back of the food court, in a dimly lit area, and a manager fired me over a third write-up for drinking water. That was their way to get rid of me, for drinking water, because they know I was one of the strongest organizers. They targeted me specifically to create fear for my co-workers of joining the union.”

Starbucks workers at Orlando International Airport and Denver International Airport are currently organizing to form a union with Unite Here, as workers face low pay and discriminatory working conditions. Management is responding through intimidation, firing workers, and holding captive audience meetings.

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